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My experience with the Jialing (Pitster Pro) and the two Lifan semi-auto 125's I have in my bikes has been extremely positive. The Pitster Pro motors that were 1N234 were extremely difficult to find neutral on with the engine running but on the other hand they shifted pretty good.

The semi-auto Lifan 125's (N1234) are the best bang for the buck, though. Basic motors are $258 to your door and complete motor kits with carb and electrics are $299. An overhaul on a small Honda will cost that much or more and to build one up to make the same power and have a four speed gearbox will cost you a helluva lot more than that.

There may be a quality difference between the Honda and the Lifan but the only thing I've seen so far is that the connectors on the Lifan harness aren't current Honda quality, more like what you might have seen on a Mini Trail from the early '70's. If you don't like them switch over to a stator with Honda connectors and use modern Honda electrical components. I'd bet the truth be known they're made in China.
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