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There is quite a bit of difference between the handling and braking abilities of different bikes even within the same catagory, (klr650 vs drz400s, xr650l, etc) and the same in the other sport, touring, cruiser catagories as well, any bike that stops sooner, turns quicker, better power to weight ratio, etc. is going to increase the ability to avoid or reduce trouble in some situations, no way of knowing for sure unless you know the exact particulars of the peril(s) waiting for you. One advantage of the better handling dual sport bikes, when on road riding if the trouble is in front of you and gives limited time for reaction/avoidance as is so often the case, there can often be larger escape route(s) due to the ability to leave the road after slowing some and navigate whatever ditch, gravel, farmers field, curb, etc. awaits. Of course not all roads or situations present anything that you would want to hit on any bike, but many do and an xr650l for example can briefly handle some moderatly rough terrain at 40 mph that no street bike would want to see. There of course are going to be other situations that could occur that dual sport bikes will always be worse at, so each riders exact situation, roads most often traveled, comfort with speed, vision, reaction time, etc. will usually be greater than the difference between the bikes. As many others have pointed out here, nothing takes the place of defensive driving. There are many, many riders that have ridden tens of thousands of miles on all of these bikes without trouble, and also others that have crashed every one of these same bikes, there are great differences in the bikes but even so it usually comes down to the rider. Have fun and ride sane.
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