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Well... shat... that's a problem.

Well... ran into a bit of a snag today. I got the cylinder back from the machine shop, got the new piston and cylinder installed. I also got the new doohickey installed as well with the torsion spring. Unfortunately when I was torquing down the rotor bolt for the stator and starter gear, the cam chain got lodged between the block and the large starter gear.

It looks like as I was torquing down the rotor, the chain got slack and pinched between the block and the rotor.

It broke off a bit of the block. It looks like it's only purpose is to hold the front cam chain guide. It didn't chip off terribly deep and it still holds the cam chain guide.

There was also some marking on the back of the rotor and it bent the sort of toothed bit on the back of the rotor.

I'm curious what everyone thinks the best course of action is to do at this point. A bit of a bummer after a solid day of successful wrenching prior.

I don't really think replacing the block is much of an option. Nor do I think it's all that necessary. To buy a new starter rotor from the dealer is $238. On ebay they go for around $70. I'm not sure what this bit on the back of the starter rotor gear is for. Kawasaki put it there for a reason. Is this something that can be flattened, smoothed down and reused?

The cam chain seems to be unscathed. The cast aluminum block definitely lost the battle between these items.
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