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Originally Posted by LethPhaos View Post
Awesome pictures... I really want to visit that region asap, as (especially mongolia,as I've read) is changing fast.
Did you have issues with your bike being too heavy? Or was it manageable enough?
It would be good if I could take my AT out there, but it might be better to kit out a 690, but that would dent the budget a lot :)
The AT will do just fine, assuming the suspension is up to it (my TA has progressive fork springs and a modified -stiffer- shock), aggressive tyres (I was running Pirelli MT21) and your riding ability.

At home in the UK I ride off pavement quite a bit on a drz400 and have also done some off pavement touring on it in Moroc and Romania. I also borrowed the same model for trips through Baja and CDT and western TAT in Mexico/USA. There's pictures and videos on my website . So what I'm saying is: it helps riding a shed in the dirt if you've got a bit of experience.

I spotted this ueber-shed in western Mongolia. It belonged to a French bloke. My French is too poor and his English was non-existent, so I was unable to ask him why he was carrying everything including the kitchen sink

I saw the bike again in Ulaan Bataar, so he and his chums made it! He rode (was pushed.... according to his mate... ) the southern route, which allegedly is "easier" than the northern or middle routes.

I'll try to post the Mongolian section of this RR soon.
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