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Originally Posted by mikem9 View Post
That's an interesting point. In addition to deer, these probably give an advantage in hitting other critters, dogs etc., chunks of debris in the road such as rocks, etc. Thoughts?
Certainly helps with Kangaroos. DL 650 1, Deer 1.

I aimed to be on empty road after the impact, off the brakes at the last second , got bounced into the air, smears of blood, hair and mud on the bike but no damage. I'm pretty sure a sports bike would have fared badly there, smaller wheels, less suspension travel - and likely travelling a lot faster in the first place.

Debris, no contest, the wide bars, suspension travel and steering lock make hitting even gravel in corners mostly survivable. As does hitting it at slower speed in the first place

I think that's the big win for DS bikes, even more for scooters, when shit happens, it happens at far lower speeds. That means on average, less damage.

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