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fork play

After getting the fork mounted, I wasn't able to get rid of the play in the steering head (I knew things had been going together to easy!). I cranked down the 27 mm bolt on top of the steering stem until the forks would barely turn and I still had play. I pulled it all apart again and examined the bearings and races and seals, etc. I discovered two things. First, the All Balls bearings I bought on ebay were stamped with a part number 99-3522, yet when I looked up the part number on the All Balls website, all KTM dirtbikes use 22-1026. All Balls lists both part numbers, although they do not have the specs for both so I don't know what the difference is. The second thing is, after I cranked down the top bolt and tried to pivot the forks, there were scrape marks on the underside of the top triple clamp where it was bottoming out on the top edge of the steering head. I filed grooves in the triple clamp to clear the head and cranked it down again. It turns freely and the play is gone, although I still ordered a set of new bearings directly from All Balls. I'm assuming that this little problem is something unique to the rubber-mount Sportster frame, since I never heard of any such problems from those who have gone before me, such as Jimmy the Hog and John Wesley. But, in case anyone else decides to do the same with a rubber-mount frame, I want this little tid-bit of information to be out there, perhaps preventing some avoidable frustration. :)

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