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We were told to stay in San Ignacio and it was only a 60 mile or so ride so we thought we would do that and recoup on energy. Went to look for breakfast and ended up finding an abandoned (or atleast not cordoned off) MX track. Played for a short bit but couldn’t get serious because we weren’t fully geared. Located a shop after the MX track and I ate the best Chilequilas ever for $2.

Got to San Ignacio, checked out the mission, nice but not good enough to waste an entire day at. Back on the rode….. I shit you not I probably ate 20 butterfly’s guts on the way. They were thick as thieves and somehow aimed themselves at the mouth vent in my helmet (too hot to close it). For the most part everyone is friendly and even some of the truckers honk horns and wave but somewhere along this route I was heading up hill coming into a sweeping corner and a pickup was coming the opposite way. He swerves hard into my lane and then jerks the wheel back and then comes at me again. I was on the far right side of my lane so there was no where I could go. I don’t know if this was some sick joke or if he was trying to get me to react and crash. He also did it to Alex who was right behind me. F*cker!!

We made it to Rosalia which is apparently some kind of industrial mining town…..first industry I have seen on this trip. Not too nice of a place though. Marching on we found ourselves in Mulege (moo-la-hay) on the coast and met some friendly ADVer’s that pointed out some beautiful beaches we should camp on just down the road. SIGN ME UP I’m F*CKIN EXHAUSTED.

This is Warp9man and his wife on the 990:

Great night on the beach. Met some like-minded Canadians in a Winnebago that gave us drinks and provided a good location to stay at San Pedrito just out of Todos Santos. Then we ate fish tacos at the small restaurant on the beach. Here is a photo from inside my tent after I struggled to wake up in the morning.


Today’s plan: Only ride a short distance down the beach to Loreto and enjoy the sun, sand, and ocean.

What actually happened: On the road early yet again. Still running my same tires which are literally bald and packing around my new set. Ate more Chilequilas in Loreto that were ultra-spicy and greasy and just knew I was in for the trots (currently happening right now). Loreto looked like a nice place and we thought about staying but it was just too early in the day to stop riding. On a side note, we have friends staying at a resort in San Jose de Cabo until the 27th so that has been lingering in our mind. At first it was out of the question when we had to spend a night in Ensenda but then became more of a reality when we drove the wrong way and ended up in Guerro Negro. So anyway, decided to pound pavement all the way to San Pedrito. It was during this ride that we ran into the whole Cartel situation described in the above post.

San Pedrito used to be a resort area but after multiple rebuilds from hurricane destruction the place finally gave up. It is an abandoned area but still a Surfer’s paradise. There were a few RV’s but mostly burned out hippie type folks that have been there for months. We rolled in on a sand road just before sunset. I dumped my bike in the soft stuff and took everything I had to pick it up. I don’t know how you GS folks do it.

While I setup shop Alex ran into town for drinks and food. After some menacing glares from the locals we have since decided that we will no longer be splitting up. Al returned with a 12 pack of Tecate, flour tortillas, canned beans, and pickled jalapeños. It was actually DELICIOUS!!

Al was not excited about where I set the tent up and I think he stayed up half the night thinking about tides. I was a bit shocked to find the ocean 15’ from my front door after awakening.


Got packed up carrying the least amount of sand as possible. 9:00 AM…on the way to Cabo….already sweltering in my suit…..rolled up to a resort and ate some oatmeal because it was the cheapest thing on the menu. Packed up rolled into San Jose de Cabo 20 minutes later. FINALLY, a shower, sunscreen, shorts, flip flops, f*ck the underwear I’m headed for the ocean.

Tim and Forest are old buddies from high school that just happened to be in the area this week. So glad they put us up for the evening. Forest caught an 8’ Marlin the other day and Tim bought some nice Ribeyes. After a little swimming pool, shuffle board, and happy hour we fired up the BBQ’s and did some proper cooking.

Forest on the left, Tim on the right:


I have spent most of my day sitting in the resort lobby updating the website and checking emails.
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