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Next Morning Mick gets to meet the FAMOUS................ Kirby!

He's Drones riding partner.... both GREAT guy's! Drone was showing me the Service Dog vest, which will allow your pooch to go ANYWHERE you go... he cannot be denied entry. Of course we both agreed that if an establishment had some negative energy toward that idea, neither of us would force that issue, cooool to know none the less.

It was already Sunday sooooo everyone but us three Nomads were heading out.....
LB thanking everyone for being a part of the festivities.

0Theories whom I really really enjoyed talking to the brief time we had to share...

Mick and Brian telling him to keep the rubber side down...

Then I get to meet IDRIDR and his girl George Ann.... what an amazing couple

Then he lets me stand next to her awesomeness... ooh boy caught with my eyes closed again

Mr.Fisherman's very very nice set up!!!

Then there were 3... Parepin, Feyela and yours truly.

We head into Enterprise for some Mexican chow.... Mick probably not welcome so I didn't ask and he just chilled outside.

Back at camp he and Al get some shuteye...

Fey and Al head back out and I just hit the sack early to do some reading and meditating....

Only to be woke up oh about.... 1:30a.m. to the sounds of laughter and shining lights.

Fey had some.... hmmmm I dunno... lit up dildo's on a string??? She and Alex were hit'n the wine and decided to play a bit. After a piss and a WHAT the Hell... I went back to dreamland.
Next morning Mick and I discover Al's high side hammock rope had failed and he got some extra blood flow to the head.... we didn't notice any unusual or new damage tho?!?

AT this point Al informs me that his buddy from Santa Cruz "Motomedic" aka Feike is rolling in sooon. Another great guy out on a 4 Corners tour of the ol' US of A.

(This pic from later using the tent and bedroll)

We all head into town for Bfast hitting ALOT of wind and cool temps.... at this point I notice Mick is uncomfortable riding without the tent and bedrolls as side bolsters. We hit up the ? (I forget) in Joseph where the portions are HUGE! And they're dog friendly... so Mick gets to come on in and chill with us.

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