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Originally Posted by small_e_900 View Post
I've been burning them too.
So far, I've burned about a ton of them.
I agree with you. Cleaner burning, no bugs and they stack so well.

Around here, a cord is $250-275 dumped in the yard.

The bio-bricks are $325/ton.

I'll use them again.

This is my first year with a pellet stove as well.
I'll use four or five tons of pellets this year.
I won't know until a get an oil delivery, but I've used probably 400 less gallons of oil so far, and I'll use no kerosene. Last year I used 250 gallons of kero.

The pellet stove will be paid for this year in oil savings alone.

I should have done this a decade ago.
I didn't have a dry place to store wood this year and I wanted to try the sawdust logs anyway. During XMas break I decided to heat only with the logs. I get them for $2.50 per 3 at the local grocery store (actually the cheapest place around shy of going direct to the manufacturer which is local). It was fairly cold during that time - freezing or less during the nights - and I would burn 6 to 9 logs per 24 hour period, keeping the fire going more or less around the clock (I would start it from coals in the morning).

I burned about twice as much as I thought I would. They are a hassle for me to get started at first, but once going they work okay, most of the time I can get them going from coals okay.

In comparing them to firewood, you really have to compare them by BTU, in which case they don't compare well for cost.

Once the weather dries out (late spring), I intend to put some concrete pads on two sides of the shop (front and side) and have a lean to put over the side to store wood and other stuff under, then get some cords of hardwood to burn next year. But I will still rely mostly on the electric furnace I have for weekdays - it is just not worth it to build a fire in the morning before I leave for work, and I only need heat when I get home until I go to bed and turn the heat completely off - unless it is really cold out.
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