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Originally Posted by StuartV View Post
But, the mesh Kevlar and the body armor don't absorb water. It's not like wearing leathers and having them get soaked. If I ride out of the rain, the Motoport suit dries out in minutes. If I arrive at my destination and it's still raining, the MP suit will be dripping some water as I go into wherever I'm going, but even then it dries out quickly. And I'm not sure it will be dripping any more water than my Roadcrafter would be, in the same conditions.

Bottom line for me: I thought the same as you, at first. I.e. I thought my Roadcrafter would be my choice for cold/wet and the MP for everything else. But, now that I've ended up riding with my MP in some cold/wet, I have decided that, for ME, even in cold/wet I prefer the MP mesh Kevlar with liners. It's simply more comfortable. And, after riding in my RC recently from SF to Roseville and back (220 miles, round trip) in one evening where the temps were low 50s, dropping to mid 40s, I actually think my MP mesh Kevlar with the liners in is just as warm as my RC.

And I'm not sure where the idea is coming from that a 1 pc suit is easier to deal with heated liner wiring. I find it a lot easier to run the wiring out between the jacket and pants of my 2 pc than it is to run it out the side pocket opening of my 1 pc RC.
if one is only dealing with temp down to mid 40's ... I'd buy that.... but mid 40's is just getting started for cold/wet nasties.

all seasons means 110f to 20f for me, temp range that I typically would ride in. sorry but Motoport mesh kevlar is just not my choice at 20f.

not saying one cannot route wiring with any two piece suit... for me one piece RC is the least fussy with Gerbing jacket/pants/gloves with two zone controller.
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