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Where are my tools?
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Originally Posted by espi View Post
There are no repeaters out there so we'll have to be simplex, either a 144 or 440 band.
Pablo (ki6bdb)
I'll have my HT with me, 144 at 5 watts and 440 at something low.

If I drive my Jeep out I'll have a 50W radio too, most likely won't though.


Originally Posted by NSFW View Post
folks, you still have to plan to carry as much gas as you can.
At least one good thing about a KLR!

Originally Posted by espi View Post
If someone will let me borrow more
I have five or six NATO cans and two US Jerry cans. If you're still in need closer to the event let me know and we'll figure out how to get as many as you need to you.

I'll be on the mountain in Big Bear on February 16 - 17 doing a snow run in my Jeep then family snow play.
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