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Originally Posted by dodgehomeandaway View Post
I have opened an account and uploaded the photos onto photobucket,but can't quite understand the next step!!!! Can you please help me through the next step? Thanks for all the help,much appreciated
find and view your picture on photobucket's webpile, adjusted so its the size you want to see here on advrider (typically 600-800 pixels wide)

put the mouse over the picture, and click the right mouse button. a menu should pop up of options. on the Chrome browser, its "Copy image URL". on Firefox, its "Copy Image Location". on MSIE ... oh crap, they seem to have lost it. anyways, do one of those things (and don't use MSIE).

now, here on advrider, click the picture icon on the toolbar (the one that looks like a little mountain: ), and paste in your picture URL, like so that it gets inserted into your message between [ IMG ] tags....


[if you're on a mac, I guess there is no right button, instead you hold down the crapple key with one hand while clicking the single mouse button with the other, or something like that.... every time I touch a macinitosh, it breaks, and the owner looks nervous and snatches it away from me. ]
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