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Originally Posted by Emoto View Post
Here's a shot off a 350LM showing navigation and the next turn.

A while back you had wanted to edit the dashboard on your 350,
I take it you did?
What you are displaying here seems fairly typical of a Nuvi screen. My Zumo 220 looks very similar to what you are showing.

The Zumo 450/550 have Next Turn in the lower right hand corner and I like that, I can see it better in bright sun. It just shows the mileage. Also I like the way Next Turn (s) are calculated in the 450.
With the Nuvi there will be 3 miles to the Next Turn, turn a page, 1 mile to next Turn. So, the second turn is 4 miles from where you are at.
My Zumo 450 tells me this directly and I have found that more useful then what my 220 or a 350 will display.
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