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Pictures plz.

Hope you get it set up. Great little bikes.

I picked it up Today and got it safely in the garage. It is mostly complete and has some cosmetic blemishes, but I'm going to try to get her back on the road. The PO said it was running when he parked it in his shed a few years ago. The clutch cable is busted, but the PO had bought the new one and a lever but just never got around to putting it on. There's some dings in the tank and minor rust on the outside (inside looks good) - old gas with Stabil in it, but I will drain it and put fresh gas in before I crank it over. It needs a new battery. The left fork seal is leaking. The brakes seem to work fine but really won't know for sure until it's running and taken for a ride. I definitely have have some work to do.

Tomorrow I plan to change the oil, drain the old gas and put in fresh gas, replace broken clutch cable and lever, put in a battery, and see if she'll start and go from there.
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