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Originally Posted by Guth View Post
It's doubtful that I'd ever toss the bike around any more than the guy in this video. Probably says more about me than about the bike itself.

You may not, but that dude looks ... smaller like a typical french guy. I just spent some time trying to figure out who that presenter is in order to find his weight. Merely posting some dude riding a bike and saying you won't ride it any harder makes about as much sense as the fat guys in weapon forums who tell anyone and everyone that X big and heavy pistol is easy to carry and conceal.

Stats, or suggested rider weights from manufacturers - we need them; Japan has screwed American riders over far too often to go into anything blindly anymore. Based on me, alone, I'm an average 5'10", and I think I'd look larger on that bike than the French guy, so... either my perception is off, or him carving roads up means nothing to me. It does matter when I am contemplating my first new bike purchase ever, as it should to anyone here who may not have the extra cash for a fork rebuild budgeted when buying a bike, accessories and gear.

If one really doesn't care about fit, then that person could just go put their money down on one and skip participating in a thread that seems to be trying to figure it out. I mean, really, why even participate here (or spend the time to read posts about it) if it has a motor, a fuel tank, a Honda emblem and if you're already happy with any bike ever made?

I don't mean to be a dick, but I don't understand what people are looking for if they're simply happy knowing the colors and if it has a motor.
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