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Starting to think it is a combination of a slightly flat battery, cold bike and being left after some short runs.
Congratulations GrahamD, you just reiterated what I stated months ago on the Super Ten forum.

Slightly flat battery really isn't part of the picture. You did too much, but thank you for your sacrifice all the same.

Doesn't really matter. People will refuse to believe they are the problem or are doing anything wrong. Gotta love Roy, Dude, it's not a Suzuki, deal with it.

And the guy with 8 bikes in the garage, it's not the other 7, it's a Yamaha and there is a known issue with EFI Yamahas. The cold start sequence doesn't like to be interrupted. Do that, then let it sit, it will display the hard start 99% of the time.

Why? Who cares? You know how to deal with it, so DO THAT and stop whining like a 6 year old that had the chain come off her trike.

Almost forgot, washed the bike did you? Poseur. You deserve the hard start.
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