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Originally Posted by avc8130 View Post

In what way will the cartridge be more adjustable than the stock forks? Will there be external high speed adjustments?

I completely agree with your logic on the coatings. Might as well at this point.

Will the Ohlins cartridge be based on the TTX with Nitrogen?

The parameters of adjustability are way more broad with compression and rebound compared to anything like stock. Also the valving is set up for the Tenere (this type of bike and application) and each customer... Another feature is that these cartridges have the ability to have the quick change spring set up.. Same as there RR forks.. We dont really need it for this bike once the customer is 'set up' but, if someone need to change spring rates you can do it with out removing the forks, and Ive been told it can be done in about ten minutes.... That's nice !
The whole package is top notch, Going to blow the stock guts out of the water. In my case I ride this big bad boy hard off road. And typically I travel long distances across the country to ADV ride. I had my stock suspension set up as tight and stiff as it would go.. Im about 180 without gear and 200 with gear... With this being said I would feel sharp bumps like I had no suspension and very "ridged".. Aside from that it acts like a big fat cow, all soft and not firm, like I want it... Off road, I would bottom the front and rear out all day... High speed & low speed it will bottom out... I like my bike set up a bit firm on road, and I like it stiff off road. The faster you go the smoother it is and I can "feel" what the bike is doing all the time.. The stock suspension lost that a long time ago.. Like I said, mine now is a big ass marshmallow and sucks....
I will post pictures and report as soon as I get the hardware !!!!

No, its not the TTX air cartridge... Its a 30mm spring cartridge set up..
We are ADV, everyday.
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