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Just a question for the trap guys. Isn't a trap specific shotgun designed to shoot high with the majority of the shot going above the point of aim? Does using a trap specfic shotgun have a negative impact on the other shotgun sports of sporting clays or skeet? I have only done backyard stuff and a few sporting clay courses nothing in competition, no skeet and no trap. Like most things once you get the bug you will start collecting. I started with a 20 ga 870 and did everything with it. Now it has a scope and is my dedicated deer hunting shotgun. I added an 1100 Special Field in 12ga that has an English stock and a shorter barrel supposedly better for upland hunting. Next I got a Remington Model 332 O/U that is good for everything. The last I added was a Browning BPS in 12 ga with a camo pattern and a barrel for steel shot for duck hunting.
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