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I had a huge milestone today with my 690, it's been a bumpy road and I figured I had to share the story. Some of you know that I DNF'd WV and never made it to BRS because of my 690 running problems. Even Mike Bradway has had some issues. Not being one to give up, I decided to rip out the KTM mystery EFI box and retrofit the Microsquirt system. Thankfully, I've been doing rally type stuff since 1999 and I've met some real talented people over the years. A few of those people helped me tackle this project and I actually rode it today for more than 5 minutes in random parking lots

I spent the afternoon riding on the lake today, trying to get a feel for the fuel/ignition mapping and of course getting comfortable on the ice again. It's been a year! So far so good, She ran great in the sub zero temps and the power was really good, even with a 50-60lb ice tire on the back. Next week, I'll be racing some friends on the ice, which should be the true test.
I'm really looking forward to racing my 690 again, I love this bike!

click the pic for some video if you're so inclined, be warned, it's a bit boring

Lets hear some bike prep stories or even some interesting rally stories you might have! I have many years worth but would rather hear yours
Just say'IN
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