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Originally Posted by Svein-Olav View Post
I'm not to familiar with this particular forumsoftware.

Your "problem" might be the fact that you have chosen to get "instant email notification" rather than "daily email notification".

In other forums I've learned that "instant email notification" will notify me once upon the first post to the thread.
I will then not receive any more notifications until I've been logged on to the forum.

"daily email notification" will send me a complete list of all post to the subscribed thread for the past 24 hours by email just past midnight every night. Regardless if I've been logged in or not.

Thank you for the reply.

My issue is I'm not receiving any notifications, not even the first post to the thread. I'm ok with recieving only the first post notification but I'm not even getting that, despite the thread being updated with posts.

How can I get it to where I once again receive notifications given that my preference is already set for "instant notification"?
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