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I'm not going to answer for Jaxon since I haven't spent 5 minutes working on the Tenere/Ohlins project. I simply get to benefit from someone else going through all the effort to get Ohlins 30mm cartridge product built to Tenere specs.

But I've kept up with all your efforts as you did the same for us U.S. Tenere folks with the Penske shock. As a result, it's pretty easy to see you have a thorough understanding of what's out there, what's available, and the results that can be expected.

I believe you are right about what these Ohlins cartridges are. They aren't a new invention. They are simply Ohlins latest 30m cartridge line. But that product is generally accepted as a fantastic solution, albeit priced at a premium point.

I also believe that there are less expensive alternatives to Ohlins kit, front and rear, that can be just as transforming to this bike. In fact, there are plenty of weekend racers that claim it is MORE difficult to get Ohlins tweaked dead on than it is for some of the other popular upgrades. (A common claim in magazine reviews of Ohlins equipped special editions of OEM bikes)

Fact is, Jaxon seems really excited about having an Ohlins equipped S10. Who wouldn't be? And a few of us have let him do all the talking, while we just wait to write the check. :)

But truthfully, if I changed my mind this minute and shipped my forks to Stoltec, I would still be just as excited! And I have far more proof right this minute that Stoltec's total setup works perfectly. I have no proof of Ohlins.

But it doesn't feel like much of a gamble either. :)
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