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Originally Posted by redsport View Post
Just a question for the trap guys. Isn't a trap specific shotgun designed to shoot high with the majority of the shot going above the point of aim? Does using a trap specfic shotgun have a negative impact on the other shotgun sports of sporting clays or skeet?
In terms of where the shot is regulated, the high regulated 90/10 80/20 guns are also usually long barreled rigs, so if the shot is 90% above the bead on point of aim, but are also 34" double tubes on a crossing bird on sporting clays - then yes you'll have some troubles.

In trap that gets the shot up above the bead, which I don't even like unless you are shooting handicap, and I certainly don't appreciate too much on singles, and don't necessarily like on the first shot of a doubles.

When I was debating the same I was shooting 28 gauge side by for skeet, a 12 gauge 870 classic trap for trap, and I usually used a 12 gauge ruger O/U for sporting clays with 28" tubes.

But I found myself just shooting 28's on everything except trap.
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