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Thank you for the link hppyfngy. That thread was both revealing and sad. I had no idea in a country packed with as many motorhomes that we have really no wealth of choices for internet access other than leeching from Starbucks or through cell phone contracts.

PirateJohn - Since i will only be in the states 3-4 months per year I was trying to get around without a yearly cell phone contract. Right now I'm getting together a few Terrabytes of movies N stuff to keep me entertained in the evening since internet access may be difficult. Now I need to find if any carriers have pay as you go options for Cell service.

There are several smaller carriers that will offer a month to month contract on an Internet service. I had a contract with Cricket for a USB device but they don't have any signal out in the desert regions where I have been working so I had to go to AT&T, which is pretty pricey. I think that AT&T also offers a month to month USB device but be careful - some of these services make it difficult to impossible on a short-term basis and they manage to stick you with extra months.

I was chatting with the folks that have the company whose link I sent to you and they told me that satellite service for RVers has practically died this year. Reasons? The US economy has made it difficult for retirees to travel (very sad), and that more and more RV parks are offering wireless. That, and cellular Internet is becoming more and more available.

Personally, I haven't been on a site that didn't have cellular Internet since last Fall, and at that time I was 40 miles down a dirt road from any grocery store, gas station, or anything except maybe a hunting lodge or two.

When I go into town I take my iPhone and iPad and go somewhere that has Internet and download as much as I can.

If you want to watch movies and television consider getting a Dish satellite system. $250 for the receiver, about $100 for an antenna on a tripod. They do offer a month to month service for RVers.
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