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Originally Posted by slackeye_images View Post
Originally Posted by HWSNBN
No offense taken, but alas, the 990 seems to be the new TRUE adventure rider's choice. Seems only practical that it be outfitted with all the latest technology available to make it as easy to ride, and safe as possible. I have a friend that is an electrical engineer/designer, that is going to investigate the feasibility for me. I was hoping someone had performed this modification, and could offer some insight.
The 990 does not need ANY MORE electronic gizmos! In fact, I wish I'd bought the 'S' 990 just so I didn't have ABS.
Like the other rider said, if you know how to ride and use proper throttle input to achieve desired/safe wouldn't be wondering about your electronics-engineer-buddy to design you an Electro-Douche-990; In fact, there already is one: It's called a GSA and is probably a Honda engineer's wet-dream.
Please buy a GSA, they come with a free box of Depends undergarments, in case you crap your pants when you realize that the traction control will get your 750lb monster stuck on a hill because it won't let you power-spin up it.
Hint: check the date! Hwsnbn has been perma banned since 2009 dood
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