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Originally Posted by GuiltyParty View Post
Cheers for positing the vid Noah and to everyone else for the comments, glad you liked it If you ever need a place that has a bit of everything and want to feel like a rock star Morocco is the place to be
When people ask "where was your favorite place?" Morocco is high on my list. That vid made me remember so much of it.

Originally Posted by Marklr View Post
Awesome vid. It helps the rest of us get over the winter blahs.


I agree. Thanks for the vid Craig!

Originally Posted by RhinoVonHawkrider View Post
I'm w/ ya, but I would need to sell the kids too

Noah great video

Do U have some pics from boarding?

Still following....

Stay Safe & Keep em on 2 wheels in 2013
I have a few pics of the Mountains here. Unfortunately my camera took a shat a few days ago and I need to get her sorted out. I tried to update the firmware... so it erased the OS that was on the camera and now the camera wont take the new version from my computer. I need to find someone with an older comp I think.

Yesterday there was about 40 cm of fresh snow. We rode from open till close. only stopping for a piva for lunch. I am sore today but in 50 minutes I will be back on the slopes to track that fresh powder.

This was yesterday evening.

This is Georgian beer. Quite nice.

Originally Posted by nanox14 View Post
DUDE it took me three days to read the whole thing, so you can figure out how many hours I spend "working"at the office and it has been an awesome adventure since the beginning, keep riding safe and HAVE FUN,, probably you are hitting the slopes at the moment,, I know it's gonna be a WHILE but if you get close to VENEZUELA it would be nice to meet you and you'll have a place to crash,, CHEERS..
Welcome to the party! Thanks for the kind words. It will be a few years till I get to South America.. you might have to remind me to come visit
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