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Originally Posted by SRG View Post
I love it when sportbike riders complain about road debris/gravel. Dualsport riders aim for that stuff for fun.
I actually did that today.

I don't know that dualsports are safer. Some PEOPLE are probably safer on dualsports than they would be on some other bikes. It also depends on how your dualsport is set up and if you're used to it. I think a lot of dualsports tend to be more forgiving of noob mistakes in being ham-fisted with throttle, brakes, and steering inputs. They'll also roll right over a lot of crap that would destroy some bikes. My DR took a 4-5' deep ditch at 50MPH once, for example.

Put good brakes on your dualsport. Keep it in good repair. Put good suspension on it. Ride appropriate to the tires you have on. Make sure your bike has enough power for the roads you're riding on.

Ride with your head in the ride.
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