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Originally Posted by crobox View Post
I just read your whole thread.. Not boring at all.
What's the story with priming the oil pump? I remember noticing that Steve from SF did it in his rebuild thread, but your thread was the first time I remember reading that it was a critically important thing to do. Do you have to pull it out of the engine to do it?

Thanks for linking your thread... Tons of good info in there.
thanks! I'll continue my thread as I continue to put things back together. My XR650L triple clamp is in the mail, so that's the next big thing, as well as transferring the stator from the XL so the electrical matches up. My goal is to have as cheap but street legal and as reliable bike as I can get for less than 500$. So far I'm there.

What I did, was kick the bike over w/o the spark plug, multiple times. I had dumped a bunch of the engine oil into the cylinder head too, when I added 2.5 quarts of engine oil, (seems like steve said 1 quart into the engine and the other 1.5 into the tank?) through a valve cover cap - just liberally doused everything with oil. THEN I fired up the bike, and as soon as I could get it to run, cracked the top banjo bolt. When oil was pumping out of it, I knew I had oil pressure.

I bow to the experts tho, some have the pump primed with grease, some prime the pump through the external oil ports, before starting, etc. I did dump a liberal amount of oil into the pump as the engine was laying on its side on the bench too. I figured oil everywhere couldn't hurt anything! I'm not an expert on these bikes by any means, just a pretty good mechanic figuring out these particular bikes as I go. give me a VW diesel, or a 1997 Dodge minivan and I become an expert ;)
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