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Originally Posted by Homerb View Post
Im thinking I might prime the oil pump and check oil flow to the head by cranking the motor with the starter motor, (XL600 RMG) before I even put the head on. Also read about soaking the oil filter in oil before fitting it to the clutch cover. Think it reduces the time for oil to reach the head after a new filter is fitted.
Also picked up a Suzuki GN200 oil cooler on ebay for $18 that will fit perfectly below the headlight behind the shroud.
I need to get my photobucket account sorted out and work out how to post some pics.
I think that's a pretty good idea. w/o spark plug in of course. and by head you mean the valve cover part of the head? A person could even install the filter and fill the filter holder while the engine is sideways on the bench, just before putting it in the frame maybe? will it run out the holes for the external hoses? I dunno... I'd love to get a oil cooler, maybe later this spring. Sounds like it could be very good for this engine and it's longevity.
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