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Questions about Mexican 1000


I'm signed up and looking forward to my first Mexican 1000. Tim Morton is moving my gear along each day but I'm otherwise coming down alone with no crew or pit support (it seems Mag 7 isn't a great option).

Couple of questions so I can prepare:

It looks like the longest special last year was 175 miles. Does it make sense to run a 19 liter tank (instead of my current 13 liter on my 500xcw) and not have to worry about any sort of fueling during a stage? (I'm thinking YES)

Are Pemex stations along the transit sections a reliable source of fuel? Or do I need to weasel a fuel can along with another teams support crew.

Do I need to carry food and water for the entire day? or stash a care package with another team or race organizer?

Is there any riding at night? Should I bring along my helmet light?

Any other stupid questions I should be asking?
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