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I'm not mechanical at all, but I know I need some AUX lights for my DR650. I'm confused as to how they hook up? Is there a way that I can hook them up so that the AUX lights, when turned on, stay on whether or not I'm running low or high beams? Does one need the "dimmer" switch? Does this dimmer work like the dimmer switch in a car, or is there something else to it, ie, like a dimmer switch a person migh put on their wall switch for a dinning room light?

I was thinking of the getting the Model 30, but since the M61 has come out, I'm now thinking about this. I wonder if I would need a dimmer with the M61's as they put out less light? I'm trying to keep the cost down, while just increasing my night time safety. When I'm riding with my DR650 lights on bright, I almost have sufficient light, so I'm thinking just a bit more and I would be good. Thanks all.
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