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Originally Posted by Powershouse View Post
I'm looking at replacing the air shock. Talked to the Oehlins folks at the bike show and they speced a BM636, also traded emails with Klaus about a Hyperpro. Are these two shocks equivalent, or are there advantages to one over the other?

If I go with the Hyperpro I'm considering going with the 1/2-inch lower ride height version - has anyone here done that? I'm not a fan of the purple spring on the Hyperpro, but the former KLR owner in me balks at the notion of paying an additional $10 for a black spring.
Oehlins BM636 (S46HR1C1) is comparable to Hyperpro 461. Oehlins has 360mm between mount points which keeps bike quite high. I have ridden my friends XCh for few kilometers during our 2012 TransIceland trip:

At that moment I have had Hyperpro 460 and its not a way to go if you want to ride hardly offroad
Standard lenght between mount points was 332,5mm which was IMHO definetly to little.
Currently I have Hyperpro 461 which is much more offroad capable and Im very very happy with the way my bike is handling now.

Hyperpro service and client care are outstanding.

I have a new challange ..... X-Challenge ....
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