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And here's what the sales rep I've been talking with at my (not at all) local dealer said to me yesterday. I was debating between a Sprint GT/ST and the 800/1200 Tiger and threw in a question about the Sport to see if he'd tell me more than he did the day after the Sport was made official 'over there'.

He told me that his dealer rep informed him that Triumph has a bunch of 1050 engines sitting there and brought the Sport out as a one year run to exhaust those engines with zero plans to bring it Stateside. I call bullshit on that. You could arguably say they might have taken the SSA from the Speed Triple and tossed it on, but why go through the tooling to redo the headlights, the mounting for the sidecases, and whatever else they changed.

I'm thinking I might try to find this rep's email or something to contact him directly if possible. I can't see why they'd do it as a one year thing. Keep it over in Europe? Maybe, but that's a lot of BS for a one year run.
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