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Originally Posted by Eddy Alvarez View Post
I have no idea what you are referring to...??? That guy looked like he was out on a leisurly ride at less than half throttle.
I have heard nothing but positive reviews regarding the plush, stock suspension. As you mentioned, it will suffice for 99.9% of riders. If one wants to ride at a 95% pace, leave the CB at home and take the CBR to the track.

Eddie...the j/k means " just kidding" I was being sarcastic and letting everyone know that I was kidding. Maybe you guys don't use that over here on ADV, they use it on other forums I frequent because its hard to express intent on the internet sometimes. The point was at the pace he was riding everything looked perfectly ok and the suspension looked to be performing as it was designed. He didn't look like he was having any handling issues at all.

Lars, nice report. You lucky dog. Creamy is good for me, exactly what I am looking for. That little 125 looks like a mini CBR 1000 naked. Bet its fun to be a teenager over there.
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