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One of the most popular diesel options has been the Cummins 4BT conversion. The 4BT makes a mild 105 hp but a whopping 265 ft/lbs of torque and even at this stock rating, this diesel powers even a large, sprung over or tall 80-series Land Cruiser wagons with larger tires very well. That said, with the simple turn of some screws, it can easily make over 160 hp and over 400 ft/lbs of torque, and deliver just as much power as the early Dodge Cummins 6 cyl pickup-truck diesels, but with some loss of mileage and some slightly increased noise. Quoting Enzo Ferrari, "horsepower sells cars, torque wins races." This 4 cyl engine delivers more torque than most V8s and this engine will literally idle over anything, which also reduces the need for deep gearing for trucks that are offroaded.

In most cases, at least 4" of lift is required to fit the engine in as it is deep. A five speed manual or overdrive-automatic transmission is required to achieve highway speeds and maximum fuel economy for street driven rigs. Approximate fuel mileage is in the mid to low 20s (though we have had some reports of as high as 27 mpg when driven cautiously and/or on rigs with 33" tires or smaller). Many aftermarket upgrades are also available for this engine as they use many of the same parts as the Dodge Cummins 6 cyl engines of the same era.

This is a 4 cylinder, direct-injected turbo diesel. At their stock rating, they produces about the same amount of noise as a "generation 1" Dodge Cummins (1989-1993 with the early body style), which is noticable but not massivly overbearing like many of the later Dodges. We do recommend some noise provisions (good weather stripping and/or soundproofing) for any rig that will be daily-style driven. Most 4BT's come from Frito-Lay-type P30 bread vans that were converted from gasoline to diesel sometime in the late 80's or early 90's by Cummins under their "Cummins Repower Program." There are no other major sources for these engines other than industrial stationary or tractor applications and these will not work in an automotive application.

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