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Originally Posted by Jim-Mer View Post
Check out RKA bags...lots of great features, and made in America. Used them for the last 10 years, That is what is on my RT.

Canon, OH
I've got the 10 liter RKA bag. Excellent quality, but it's NOT shaped correctly for the RT1200. THe forward, inside of the RKA bag is very "short" because of the shape of the BMW gas tank. The R1200RT tank is not flat, but very slooped. Now I've been using an RKA for about 5 years, but mainly because since it's so short, I can see the BMW NavIII mounted on the triple-tee - the GPS could not be seen at all with a taller bag. However, I just bought a '12 R1200RT, and will mount the GPS on the dash - much higher. And I will probably look at getting a different, taller bag. The RKA has next to no room inside once mounted and zipped shot on my R1200RT. Basically I put my phone chargers, pair of gloves, sunglass case my SPOT I and a couple of pens in there. No much room for much else.
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