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Originally Posted by EastBoundAndDown View Post
2003+ SV650. 364lbs dry. 71 peak RWHP. Fuel Injection.
Ugh, does the SV650 really make that much power? Sheesh... I thought the Hawk was pretty close to that but I guess I was dead wrong. The SV really is an awesome little bike. Might actually bump it up above these new CBs now that I think about it.

Originally Posted by Grainbelt View Post
CB500F is supposed to be 420 wet including a full 4 gal tank.

For comparison, Wiki says your NT650 is 412 wet with a 3 gal tank.

So, comparable. In fact, a gallon of gas is about six pounds, so they are damn near identical.
Hmm, this has me thinking it wouldn't be much of a step forward so much as sideways. I'm in love with the CBR500's styling though.

Originally Posted by Gryphon12 View Post
Only street twin in the US today that's 378 lbs. wet is the new Ninja EX300R.

New Duke 690 Thumper weighs 352 lbs. wet.
I like the Duke a lot as far as the numbers go, but I'd have to ride it first. Not crazy about the engine configuration. :\
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