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This one just arrived at my house and I managed to ride it five kilometers before coming to work. It's an odd fish that ended up in Minneapolis probably from Canada as it has a kph speedometer but the gas sticker on the filler is in English. It has no battery, an on/off/parking switch for the lights, no kill switch and is pre-mix fueled as in 1979 the P series Vespas only offered an oil pump as an option. This machine is simplicity itself which was what I wanted.

If I can run it at sixty miles per hour after run in is complete I will be happy. It has a new barrel and piston from Green Tree Scooters in Iowa and a Sito plus exhaust but is otherwise bog standard (including the wooden front drum brake). It vibrates like a dildo as well which is another reminder of how technology has moved on....I hope I can make this my daily rider as I live 27 miles from work and need to keep the speeding tickets at bay as they are too easy to collect on my modern Bonneville.Oh and the Bonneville doesn't carry a spare wheel!
Glad you got it down to FL! It looks really nice. Strange that it a premix model; I really like having the oil tank on mine. Hope it works out great as your commuter.
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