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How is everybody doing with the valves on these scooters? I almost bought one, but the valves needed to be checked really often, and according to the PCX forum it was a 3 hour job. I went with a Zuma 125 instead. 10 minutes to check the valves, 20 minutes to adjust them. But the down side to the Zuma is it is not freeway legal, which is turning out to be a problem. I recently took a 700 mile round trip on it, and it did fine, but I had to ride 22 miles on the freeway, and it was not fun. I just knew I was going to get busted by the cops.
Valves I personally haven't checked I opted to skip over the first adjustment at 600 and am now coming up on them at 2,500. I do ride in very cold weather so I imagine heat expansion is probably going to make the adjustment necessary at 2,500.

PCX150 while freeway legal isn't very good at it. Well at least if you live in a state with 70 mph speed limits.

It'll get to about 65 screaming and won't go any faster than 68 on flat ground.

Another I thing I did notice is that if I leave it idling. The lights will flicker occasionally. I did drop it on ice before, but i'm not sure if this is normal or something I should get checked out. Since i've had cars that did the same thing.

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