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I've been trapshooting on and off since I was 10. 20+ years. I currently shoot a Browning BT-99 micro for trap and a Winchester classic doubles O/U for skeet/sporting clays.

My mom has shot trap in the ATA for as long as I can remember. In that time she has shot everything from a beaver tail BT-99 to her current Kolar Combo with fully adjustable everything.

I have a buddy that finally took the leap to buy his own gun this past summer after using one of my moms guns for years when we went to shoot. He went with the Stoger Condor Competition 12 ga. He seems to be happy with it.

At the end of the day I look at trapshooting like golf. When you start out it doesn't matter how good your equipment is their is a learning curve. Once you get good you can take advantage of the better equipment. Like with everything else though there are guys that can break 98 out of 100 with a broom stick.

My advice for everyone in regards to shooting sports is to start cheap and move up from there. Seen too many corporate types over the years show up to their first registered shoot with a $25,000 piece and find out either they didn't enjoy it or don't have the time.
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