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Originally Posted by Anticyclone View Post
So I just went out to crank the tenere after it sat for two weeks (not usual around this house). Battery is totally dead. This battery is only about 2 months old. This has happened before and I blamed it on the factory battery sitting at the dealership for too long.

Don't you think a battery should hold a charge for two weeks?

THIS IS NOT A "HARD STARTING" ISSUE! This a dead battery issue. The bike would not turn over. Of course now that the ignition has been turned on and the FI charged up I'll probably have a "hard starting" issue

P.S.- I know there is a voltage leak somewhere. Mostly venting here, but if anybody has any insight, please enlighten me.
I agree, there is a voltage leak somewhere. I outlined measuring 'dark current' in a similar post here or on the Super Tenere forum some time back.

Do you by any chance have a SWMotec powered tank bag? If installed the way the directions are, direct to the battery, it draws current even with nothing turned on, just the bag on the tank ring. And will kill the battery quickly. BTDT. It needs to be wired to switched power instead.

I messed up the original post, edits to correct my errors. Thats what I get from not looking it up again.

As for testing dark current, or parasitic draw with the key off, take a multi-meter, set to AMPERAGE in the 10 or 20 amp range and do the following:

Loosen the NEGATIVE terminal so you can easily pull it off. Touch the DMM probes to the terminal and the same battery post, note the reading, which should be 12-14 Volts, then with the probes staying connected, slide the terminal off so that the DMM is now in series with the removed terminal and the battery post. I've forgotten the Ma that spec is, but post what you find and it will be immediately apparent if it's too high. Should be around 45-54 Ma. Much higher than that indicates a problem.

And yes, the battery should easily last two weeks.

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