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Originally Posted by Tim View Post
I have just spent several hours on the carbs and one is still pissing fuel out

I went right back to square one and stripped them down, removed all of the O-rings and gave them a good clean, wash and dry. Dried everything and gave them a thorough blow through with compressed air. As I already mentioned I have replaced all of the O-rings and lightly lubricated them as I put the carbs back together. I set the float heights using a digital vernier calliper to get them as accurate as I could.

I stood the carbs on my bench and connected up my remote fuel tank, switch on the fuel and within a few seconds fuel starts to run out of the right hand carb. The fuel seems to come from this small hole.

I opened up the float bowl on the leaking carb and bent the float valve arm so that it was virtually closed even when upside down and them tried again - you guessed it! - still fuel leaking out so, how is the fuel getting into and overfilling the float bowl if the float valve is shut?
The rubber tip of the float needle should be inspected under magnification. It should perfectly conical, with no witness line evident where it was contacting the seat. If any evidence is visible, or if there is a gap between the bottom edge of the rubber tip and the aluminum portion of the needle, if the plunger is stuck, or if the plunger return spring is sacked out, the needle should be replaced.

The float height should be set to 14.6mm with a float height setting tool.


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