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Well I swapped the 98 forks over to my 97 yesterday. So i had to swap the wheel and brake caliper and cylinder( the caliper and master cylinder/brake lever all still connected as a unit so air in the line should not be an issue). I got it all on and was yelling my head sweet I can go for a ride! then I grabbed the front brake to pump it up after the wheel install and the lever pulled all the way to the bar. Pumped it again it doesn't get better still at the bar. Barley enough friction to stop the wheel. Pull the pads they are shot. So i know I need pads. The brake fluid needs changing so i need to do that too. Worst case if for some reason I need to replace the master cylinder seals ie rebuild it i wanted to know what i was getting into. So first things first new pads ordered then Ill flush the fluid then if that doesn't work ill rebuild the master cylinder.
I had to change the front hose on my "98SE, when I first got it, because it had rubbed on the rotor, with this... The only problem was bleeding the air out. Finally had to take the caliper loose and turn it sideways (bleeder valve facing up and spacer between pads), then it bleed first try.
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