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New Zealand late 2013(/early 2014)

I am starting to research the idea of going to New Zealand at the end of this year (comming from Belgium). Offcourse i want to do this by bike.

At this point i am leaning towards buying a bike over there. I would try and find a job (i work in a freelance driven environment so hopefully i can land a job before i go there) for a couple of weeks/months and in the meantime take my time to look around for a (cheap) bike, get it enlisted etc. After my work period i would drive around the country and try and sell it afterwards (if i don't find an individual buyer, probably at a dealer?)

Other then that I see two options.

Ship my bike over: Seems to me that the price of buying and selling a secondhand bike will put less(?) of a dent in my pocket compared to the shipping of the bike.

Rent a bike: the prices get very expensive if i want to rent one for, let's say, more than a month. So it doesn't seem worth it. + i want to travel with my bike, but i also want to do siteseeing, take part in none-motorcycle activities and leaving a bike on a parkinglot at x dollar/day would be stupid.

So, my questions are. Does this train of tought seem stupid or am i missing a big part of the puzzle? Any people who did a similar thing in NZ? Any people from NZ who are willing to help me with providing information on the practical side of things?

and o yea, what are the MUST SEE places to visit according to you? ;)

These are just the first stages of planning, so everything is still open for change.

Thanks !
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