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I had the Cee Baileys, but it broke quite easily. I was stupid enough to ride behind my riding pal who was shooting stones from the rear tire of his R12GS. I got a big crack in the screen. Later the screen broke totally in a low speed hi-sider. Oh, well...

Anyways, the Cee Baileys is made of acrylic, while the original is made of much more durable polycarbonate. A huge difference.

Now I have a standard ADV screen and winglets with TT spoiler in a regular GS ('05). This combo is very quiet, I wouldn't change it to anything else. I'm 6'2" or 187 cm, but long inseam/short torso. (You might not need the TT spoiler.)

Although, many inmates here also have good experience with a Givi screen and the winglets.
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