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Could you see what these well dressed guys were driving?

Originally Posted by Romanousky View Post
I'm jumping ahead of myself but since it is fresh in my mind I'm posting about our witnessing of the Cartel in action.

I have a friend that ran the Baja on his Dizzer a few months back so he gave me a couple pointers on this area. The only 2 towns that he mentioned we should quickly breeze through were the City of Insurgents and the City of Constitution.

So we roll up on the City of Insurgents and all we can see is smoke blowing across the road and flames shooting up along the fence line. Oh great! It's a miniature war zone. Not really, just a brush fire that got out of control. We stop for gas and fill up with no issues. Blow through town and start to enter the city of Constitution. No big deal, breeze through town.

THEN, about 7 miles south of the city of Constitution we see a group of about 15 Hispanics only 30 ft off the highway in the middle of the desert surrounding something. They look well dressed with collared shirts, cowboy hats, Levi's, and shiny belt buckles. Then I notice what they are standing around.....a man has his hands tied behind his back around a fence post with a knapsack over his head. Of course I do a double take and some of the entourage are staring at me and sure enough they've got this poor bastard strung up good in this no mans land of cactus and sweltering heat. Looking forward and twisting my wrist I get the hell out of dodge. I immediately call Alex on the SENA....."dude did you see that"....."you mean the guy with the knapsack on his head"...."aaaaaa yeah, and the nicely dressed men up in his face more than likely inflicting pain"....."yeah"....."we need to get the hell out of here"...."yep".... A few miles down the road we passed tour buses heading the other way. Well aren't they in for a nice surprise....."on your right hand side you will see the Cartel beating an in-obedient man for failing to deliver the goods".

I've read a number of ride reports and haven't come across any that have actually witnessed the cartels (I'm sure they are out there so you don't need to post all the links). So I feel rather privileged that I got to see this. Anyway, I'll update with photos and the rest of the trip later today.
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