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Currently in Capurgana, Colombia. The Sherpa made it to South America!!!!!!

There is a slight hitch of course. While unloading the Sherpa from the Lya del Mar yesterday in La Miel in high seas, the boat parted from the dock just as the bike was going across. Almost lost it in the ocean. Pulling it back with the front wheel hanging down off the boat, the next swell smashed the Lya del Mar into the dock. Unfortunatly the front forks of the Sherpa were in between and took the hit. Yikes!!!! Finally got it on the dock and it should buff right out. Ha ha!! Both front lowers are broken and the hub is cracked. The captain pointed to the sky and shrugged his shoulders.

So I caught the launcha in La Miel with the rasta boys and the damaged Sherpa aboard and motored over to Capurgana. The boys helped me unload the Sherpa and drag it up the stairs and up onto the pier by lifting the handlebars with me pushing the still functioning rear wheel. The Sherpa is still sitting out on the dock. Quite a tourist attraction with people stopping to look at the front end and shake their head.

Capurgana is kind of a remote Carribean local touristy town with no internet yesterday. I finally got on line to post this up. It is slower than dial up so no pics of the damaged Sherpa.

Since you can't put the Sherpa on a launcha, it has to go on a cargo boat to Turbo. It might come tomorrow or next week according to who you talk to. I am currently in the Hostal Capurgana and have gotten stamped into Colombia at immigration.

Coming off the dock you walk right one block to the main commercial street and turn left down one block on the right. It is easy to find. The immigration official is kicked back in shorts, tee shirt and flip flops. He took my passport inside and stamped it in and I was official in 5 minutes. No forms to fill out, no nothing. Easiest border crossing yet. Me gusta South America!

My current thinking is to get the bike to Turbo and see about grafting some different forks on the front. Or maybe throw the bike in a pickup and head to Medellin where there might be a place to work on it and hunt for a set of forks and front wheel off another bike. Have to change the title of the ride report if I sell the bike and find another cheap bike to continue but that's always an option.

But you know me. Never say die is my motto. This is just another interesting twist in the ride report. ADVwrenching in a foreign country and meeting nice people is always fun. I look forward to seeing how this all works out. I hope to meet friendly locals and have a good time getting the Sherpa back in shape if at all possible. FrankenSherpa will rise from the ashes. As Evita would say, "Don't cry for me Argentina. I will take a fast launcha over to Turbo as soon as I have found a boat to take the Sherpa over.

In the mean time if anyone knows what front forks would work on a Sherpa please let me know. And if anyone has space in Medellin to take the bike apart or knows of a better city to find used forks please let me know.

My current plan is to not go to Aduana until I get the bike fixed in case I have to sell it. Don't want it in my passport until I get it running.

I went out this morning and zip tied the broken lowers to the bent axle so I can now roll the bike on it's wheels which will make transport much easier.

Will send pics when I can upload.

Can't wait to see how this all works out. Should be interesting. In the mean time I have been reading all your comments and really appreciate all the support and the way you keep this thing going while I'm out breaking my bike off the grid. You guys are the best.

Adios amigos,
South America and back on a 250 Super Sherpa Minimalist Adventure

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