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Is there an official wet weight on these little things yet? I'm heavily considering getting rid of my NT650 for one.

If it weighs around 350 or 370 then I just might pull the trigger. I'd like to get rid of carburetors... Plus this bike's peak figures seem to be pretty inline with my Hawk's tbh. I know my engine is bigger but it's a 25-year-old bike now. :(
In order to sell the 500s for riders in the new EU A2 class license tier the bike has to weigh a minimum of 175 kg or 385 lbs. This license class change effectively requires manufacturers that intend to sell bikes to riders less than 24 years old bring to market bikes that weigh 385 lbs or more curb weight ready-to-ride and have a maximum of 47 hp. Honda cannot ignore the huge UK and European market so the 500s are not going to weigh in under 385 lbs. Honda US says they weigh 420-430 lbs. depending on model.
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