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My problem with the valves on the PCX is that I rack up a lot of miles. Already over 3500 on my Zuma 125. Valves are still fine. Both these scooters have major pros and cons. I would not ride either one on the freeway very far, and I am not talking about urban freeways, which are close to suicide on a liter class sport bike. I mean interstate highways out of town. With the PCX, you can ride on one of those for a few miles and not risk a huge fine. I took a 700 mile round trip on my Zuma 125, and had to ride 11 miles on the freeway on the way there and 11 miles on the way back. I did not feel like I was in any serious danger from traffic (speed limit was 75 mph), but was paranoid about the cops.

Anyway, the way I look at it, the good part of the PCX150 is you can legally hop on a freeway once in a while, the bad part is valve inspection/adjustment. With the Zuma 125, the valves are a piece of cake, but you can't legally get on a freeway with it. I want both.
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