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Originally Posted by ~TABASCO~ View Post
I will add to this just a little... I had a slightly weak battery in my FJR several weeks ago.. It would turn over just fine but would not fire up. Guess what, when I opened the throttle wide open it would fire... The battery was old on it so I knew it was just an old battery, but sounds like you guys with the Teneres..... After I put a new battery in, the FJR fired right up and good as new... As several of you have said, I wounder if its a voltage "issue".... For the people that are having start up issues, what electronic farkels do you have on the bike ? It might be a common "part" for the guys having issues...... just a thought
Electrical system on my bike is like this:

Battery -> Eastern Beaver fuse block -> Clearwater lights on switched circuit, Garmin Zumo 550 GPS mount on un-switched circuit

I'm going to track stuff down some time this week. Not today though.
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