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Ouch...ear plugs.

So it turns out plug size matters....damn, I've got a ring going in my left ear - the 12 gauge was bad enough I guess, but the .30-06 really did me in I think. Hopefully a day or two and it will recover most of it.

I'm going to have to use both plugs and earmuffs I guess, if I'm going to shoot medium bore.

28 shots with the Browning Safari Grade - real Belgium built - damn, I forgot how much that beauty kicks. I've been slathering on Arnica on my shoulder.

Been pondering using the '06 more, but after that beating, I think maybe I will change to a .308 for my long range rifle, from the casing size, it looks like about 1/3rd less recoil.

Still, it was delightful to check and see that it's still got it, and I can still hit well at 200 yards.
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